Do it Anyway


Kris Allshouse is the Executive Director at Los Angeles County Regional Training Center (LACRTC), a non-profit organization created to support public agencies with obtaining and fulfilling government grants, course presentations, curriculum design, training needs, assessment research, course assessment and coaching, and consultation. He also teaches at Golden West College and has 3 published works that include: “What Happened to Public Trust,” “The 85 Percent Rule: Effective Outcome-Based Instruction,” and “What Do You Mean I’m Wrong?” He’s also developed and given courses on leadership and coaching and has toured the country as a keynote speaker and private coaching consultant. This episode will seek to uncover how Kris leveraged his experiences in his law enforcement career to help him lead the LACRTC.


This episode will uncover:

  • Kris’s law enforcement career, significant experiences, and lessons learned throughout
  • What it took for Kris to sustain success throughout his career
  • How Kris started gaining an interest and started working with drones
  • The time Kris spent as the Director of Training with Advanced Training Consultants and how it helped him build a solid training foundation to build upon
  • The LARTC, its mission, and why Kris accepted a role to lead the organization
  • Why drones became a primary focus within LACRTC
  • Different types of training and drones utilized by LACRTC
  • LACRTC’s collaborative student-centric curriculum development
  • Challenges Kris faces within LACRTC, especially those related to maintaining relevancy to ever-changing client needs
  • Future plans and ambitions for the LACRTC
  • Personal insights from Kris; his greatest failure and his primary daily motivating factors

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