Students will efficiently conduct investigations by augmenting traditional investigative techniques with the power of the Internet.


目前,在加州,“网络欺凌”一词还没有成为法律. Definitions of cyber-bullying vary depending on the source and can differ from state to state. Even though California has passed several new Assembly Bills in the last three years, 这些法案只是将欺凌的定义扩展到包括电子行为. California Assembly Bill 1156 (2011) amended the definition of bullying by specifying that “bullying means any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct, 包括以书面形式或以电子行为方式进行的通信.” Cyber-bullying is simply a term used to identify bullying that is taking place with non-traditional, 电子手段. 因为没有直接处理网络欺凌的法律, 法律官员被迫修改我们现行的法律, 哪些经常过时,无法跟上技术的发展.

When our legal system is forced to use laws that were never intended to combat cyber-bullying, 很多时候,我们发现这些法律的执行方式存在严重的不一致性. 没有明确的指导方针, interpretation of the laws and how they should be applied to a specific incident is left to judicial discretion. 虽然这是适用于其他法律的典型情况, a consideration should be given to the disconnect between today’s generation and the generation of the law and decision makers.

今天的技术以如此快的速度发展, 在某种意义上, 创造了一种新的人类行为. This behavior has conditioned today’s children to have technology integrated into every facet of their lives thereby make them dependent upon technology. This assimilation of technology has such a profound impact on a child’s life that some are incapable of functioning without it. Is it possible that present adults are so far disconnected with the younger generation that they do not realize how important technology is to them and the harm cyber-bullying is causing?

The Training Needs Assessment conducted for this course demonstrated that the majority of law enforcement professionals feel cyber-bullying crimes are under-investigated. 除了, it shows how truly underestimated cyber-bullying is amongst the law enforcement community. Though the majority of officers in this assessment had never completed a cyber-bullying investigation, the research showed that most of these individuals possess the basic computer skills necessary to utilize the Internet as an investigative tool and to conduct technical investigations such as cyber-bullying. 然而, those same officers felt that they lacked the training and or ability to conduct such investigations.

除了调查培训, law enforcement officers need to understand the repercussions that cyber-bullying can have on young children and their families. These families can become so disheartened in the criminal justice system that they lose faith in law enforcement and often times commit drastic actions in an attempt to stop the bullying. Navigating laws and legal procedures can quickly become overwhelming and discourage victims and their families from seeking help.

执法必须成为网络欺凌的信息中心. Because there is no easily deciphered route through our legal system to seek a stop to the bullying, officers must be knowledgeable enough to provide advice and guidance to frustrated parents.

因为最高法院拒绝审查与网络欺凌有关的案件, 当涉及到社交媒体相关行为时,第一修正案的权利并不明确. How are school officials and law enforcement agencies expected to enforce policies and laws when they are unsure what actions they are permitted to take? 与任何新的社会问题一样,教育和信息是关键. 让人们意识到什么是网络欺凌, how it is carried out and the effects it can have are our children can be our greatest assets.

完成这门课程后, students will be better prepared to combat cyber-bullying incidents in their community. They will be empowered with the needed information to confidently address issues brought to them by teachers, 父母及其子女. 他们将掌握必要的技能,让人们意识到网络欺凌, 教育他们的社区和执行调查. The profound life-long impact that cyber-bullying can have on a child’s life dictates that law enforcement must make every reasonable attempt to educate our own and be better prepared to handle these types of investigations.

"The largest concern amongst law enforcement was the lack of training they had received in the preservation and recovery of evidence."


This twenty-four hour course will provide police officers and detectives with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct comprehensive cyber-bullying investigations, 利用互联网作为调查工具,并正确识别, 保存和检索电子证据. 除了, 本课程将帮助学生提高员工的工作效率, 安全官, 以及与互联网相关的机构社区关系.

在这门课, 学生将被教导如何进行基于互联网的搜索, how to conduct investigations on IP Addresses and 电子邮件 headers as well as investigations involving mobile devices. 学生们还将了解网络欺凌的范围, 委员会的方法, 适用的法律, 欺负的影响, parental prevention and mitigation techniques and how to conduct a cyber-bullying investigation.

Students will develop the ability to more efficiently conduct investigations by utilizing the Internet. 致力于基于现实的场景, students will augment traditional investigative techniques with the power of the Internet to maximize investigator efficiency, 彻底性, 和人员安全.

最后, students will complete their investigations by properly collecting electronic evidence to secure successful prosecutions.


课程长度: 3天(24小时)
成本/学费: $750
马克斯类大小: 30名学生
先决条件: 没有一个
推荐: 一线人员,主管,调查人员,学校资源官员
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克里斯酒 is one of the few court-qualified experts on Social Media in the State of California, 并在几次审判中作为基金会证人作证. 除了他在洛杉矶警局的职责, Chris became a certified California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Master Instructor in addition to being a certified instructor for the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations (ICI). 克里斯创建了许多社交媒体调查课程, 他在多个州为不同的执法机构教授过.

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