UAS Advanced Operators Course

Formally known as the Tactical Operators Course

Tactical & Operational Support

*California POSt certified

February 7-9, 2022 - Orange County California

Nighttime Ops. course immediately following (10-11)

This is an advanced training course and is NOT for beginners.

Course Summary

**California POST Certified**

This course capitalizes on the significant experience of the professional UAV pilots that make up the instructor cadre.  We are fortunate to have public safety UAV experts who are flying advanced missions for their agencies regularly.  They are able to share the latest tactics, UAV platforms, software, and industry innovations because they are operating daily in real-world public safety settings.

The class consists of three days of intensive scenario-based, hands-on, and precision flight training designed to increase piloting skills and to provide students with the ability to operate in all sUAS environments.  Students will be exposed to the equipment, tools, and techniques necessary to make their sUAS program fulfill the desired mission sets.

We begin by helping students fully realize all of the potential applications of unmanned aircraft and how they may fit their respective agencies.  This provides a clear understanding of the UAS agency objectives so that all efforts directly support effectively implementing the identified mission sets.  The remainder of the curriculum is precision flight and scenario-based exercises. Students fly inside and outside, on multiple aircraft types, using infrared, thermal, and self-illumination views.  Guest speakers and prototype UAS equipment are regular additions to this very popular class.  Students leave operationally ready with a deep understanding of UAS applications and capabilities.

Students will:

    • Demonstrate the skills needed to fly BVLOS or FPV (first-person view)
    • Understand and apply techniques for interior operations
    • Operate as direct support for tactical team operations
    • Operate as direct support for investigative operations
    • Examine UAV platform for: Interior, Exterior-high, Exterior-tight, Exterior-persistent
    • Demonstrate precision UAV operation for confined spaces and evidence recovery
    • Demonstrate UAS operational proficiency in advanced public safety mission-sets
    • Demonstrate low-light, interior UAV operation

Course Information

Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
CA POST Approval: #1287-20274
Cost/Tuition: $999.00
Max Class Size: 15 Students
Prerequisite: LACRTC 48-hour UAS Operators Course, or  32-hour Basic Pilots Course, or equivalent training
StudentRequirements: Twenty (20) hours of logged flight time as a public safety pilot
Technical Level:
Advanced UAS Operators
Recommended For: sUAS Operators and Supervisors / Tactical Teams
Notes: This training course is NOT for beginners

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