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Recognizing Implicit Bias

Recognizing Implicit Bias is made up of student-centered learning activities that allow attendees to safely understand their own biases with a scientific approach.  The curriculum design avoids an accusatory tone and focuses on objective facts revealed directly to each student by their own in-class discovery.  Students learn in a safe environment with exercises that reveal deep personal preferences (biases) on things that are not at all controversial.  It is a fun way to see things we like based on how we were socialized.  Ultimately, students personally decide how they will apply the knowledge and skills learned that teach them to recognize their own implicit biases and how to mitigate them. 

Course Length: 1 day (8 hours)
Cost/Tuition: $0 for POST reimbursable agencies / $125
Max Class Size: 30 Students

De-escalation and Mindful Breathing

De-escalation and Mindful Breathing was specifically created to assist first responders in managing stress before, during, and after stressful encounters to ensure enhanced decision-making during a crisis and the ability to rapidly return from the fight or flight response.  The immediate benefits are apparent, but this course also equips students with the ability to improve long-term health.

Course Length: 1 day (8 hours)
Cost/Tuition: $0 for POST reimbursable agencies / $125
Max Class Size: 24 Students

Digital Footprint

In the technology-based world in which we live, your digital persona speaks volumes about who you are. Knowing the benefits and risks of your digital footprint is vital to protecting your personal and professional reputation as well as officer and family safety. This course will introduce students to the concept of a digital footprint, the benefits and risks associated with it and how to formulate a plan to minimize and manage it.

Course Length: 1 day (8 hours)
Cost/Tuition: $95
Max Class Size: 30 Students

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